August 19th—August 20th

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    Room: 5001 S Fulton Ave, Tulsa

    Cost: 50$

    Title: Mindfulness E.A.S.T (Emotional Awareness Skills Training): This training program integrates the practice of mindfulness and the science of emotion within the context of Emotional Intelligence. It provides didactic overview, theory and practice on core tenets of emotional awareness, emotional regulation, and constructive choices over behaviors and actions. 

    Mindfulness practices have exploded into the field of mental health over the last several years. They have been proven effective in reducing stress, anxiety, and impulse control. Despite the current trends and hype, mindfulness practice can also be limited if it does not have a specific focus or aim. Individuals who struggle with addictive behaviors typically have little or no emotional regulation strategies, this often is the culprit in relapse and reengagement with any destructive or addiction behaviors. When Mindfulness practice is aimed at the development of emotional regulation and ultimately emotional intelligence, individuals move through addiction recovery more progressively.