Buddha School of Qi Gong with Dr. Ed Jackson

November 23rd

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Room: Large meditation hall

During this one day class Dr. Jackson will instruction participants in the Buddha School of Qi Gong.  This is an easy to learn system of 5 exercises designed to enhance health, energy, and meditation.  Differing from western exercises, Qi Gong's focus is on the conservation and cultivation of energy for enlightenment.  Suitable for daily practice the Qi Gong of the Buddha school is gentle and effective for maintaining health, balance, circulation, flexibility, and energy.  Qi Gong can be practiced by people of any age or health condition and is particularly suited for meditators.  

The forms include (translation):  1000 palms of the Buddha, the 4 wheels, splitting the extremes, the microcosmic orbit, and strengthening the Divine connection (meditation).
Space is limited so please reserve your spot at the link below.
Dr Jackson is a Qi Gong instructor and Natural Medicine Practitioner of Cherokee heritage who lives and practices in Tulsa, OK.  He began practicing Qi Gong of the Buddha and Tao school at 8 years of age to improve a respiratory illness.  He continued training until ultimately being chosen as the "Master Instructor of the Year" (2000) for the World Gung Fu Federation and inducted into the "World martial Arts Hall of Fame" for Contributions to Sports Medicine.