with Shastri Deborah Bright & Leslie Brown

May 4th -Date postponed or cancelled

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Room: Large meditation hall

The positive changes that can occur though reflective moments of silence are a potent testament to the power of meditation. Meditation is a tool for those seeking stress and anxiety relief and to rediscover the ordinary magic of our lives. Meditation takes many forms, one of which includes the ability to focus on a single action, such as walking, breathing or drumming.  

In this half-day class we will marry the tools of meditation with the study of drumming & the sensation of playing a rhythm on a djembe, bongos or other hand percussion instrument. The feel of the drumhead and the physical release felt as a rhythm builds and takes on a life of its own can illuminate the mind of the drummer  

Meditative drumming is practiced by cultures across the globe, including those with connections to earth religions. In  drumming, the rhythm may become a mantra that captures our attention. Both the rhythms and the mindfulness act as mind sweepers; to clear the mental space of worries and negative thought patterns.   

 For those seeking an easier way to reap the benefits of meditation, picking up a djembe or other hand drum and focusing on the rhythms and actions of playing, the relaxation and stress reduction benefits of meditative drumming can more easily be achieved. 

This class will include meditation instruction and short practice sessions combined with drumming wisdom, instruction, and opportunities to listen and discuss what we are learning and feeling.  


Preregistration is required and drums and meditation cushions are provided.   

Teaching Artist and Musician Ms. Leslie Brown teaches  

Drumming for the bART Center for Music and has led the Kendell-Whittier drumming group since 2004.  She teaches flute and African drumming techniques in Tulsa and the surrounding area.  She is also a performing musician on flute, vocals, percussion, keys, and guitar.  She is also an experienced classroom teacher and meditator.   

Sashtri Deborah Bright has studied meditation since 1986. In the early 1990’s she began teaching Shambhala Training in the Southwest and in 1995 moved to Shambhala Mountain Center where she served as Associate Director through 2003.  She has led meditation weekends and programs in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, Kansas and Georgia. She lives with her husband in Drumright, Oklahoma where she serves as Mayor for the City. Deborah has had a long career in non-profit management and is one of the founding members of the Tulsa Shambhala Meditation Group.